November 27, 2020
New Album Project Name “DEMO I” released soon

We are proud to announce our new upcoming album release with the current working title “Demo I” by indie rock band Humble Armada. The album is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2021 and will be digitally distributed by Humble Armada Music.

Album Title: Demo I (current working title)
Artist: Humble Armada
Label: Humble Armada Music
Copyright: © Humble Armada
Genre: Indie Rock
Release: 2021

The album will be available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and more.

To preview or to buy the album, please visit our webshop or listen here.

About the Band

Humble Armada is an independent Indie rock band out of Perth, Australia. It’s six band members are Ben, Jacko, Matt, Ollie, Peachey and Patch. As a group they are committed to uplift any audience with their surf-psych and shoegaze style performance. Be sure not to miss them when they perform near you!

You can contact the artist here: contact page.

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